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Cream Ale Recipe

Wanted some input on on this recipe. This is for a 3 gallon AG recipe and will be my first ever attempt at an AG.

4lbs Pale Malt (6 row)
1lbs 1oz Corn, flaked
14.6 oz Carafoam
.13 oz Brewers Gold (60)
.13 oz Brewers Gold (30)
.09 oz Amarillo (10)
US-05 dry yeast

Again any adjustments or comments are welcome!!

Looks like an easy drinker. Your grainbill looks alright. What’s your goal with the hops? Especially that 30 min addition? If it’s to hit a certain IBU it’s alright but it’s not going to provide you any flavor or aroma.

That looks like a great canvas to start with… I get it to weigh in at about 4.6%… I don’t get too far in depth with hops other than, trying the first charge to balance the malt sweetness. I’m getting to be a big fan of the additions after primary fermentation is complete… Whats your water source? Lets us know how this one turns out… Sneezles61

As I am relatively new I have not dove into water source and additions for my water profile. I use the local tap water as it tastes good and have taken the approach of if it tastes good it will produce good tasting beer. If I wanted to dive into water profile, what/how should I get into that??

I would look into Bru’n Water developed by @mabrungard. He hits this forum every once in awhile.

It can look very very overwhelming at first. Take the time to read the informative page. Then, read it again. You’ll soon understand water at some level.

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