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Cream Ale Question

It’s been 3 Years since I brewed my last beer. Kids, sports, etc have gotten in the way. Tonight I got back into the game with the Cream Ale Extract Kit. In many ways, it was like riding a bike. Everything wt to plan, however my 0G came back at 1.090. This kit should’ve had an OG of 1.040. Any idea what would cause this? Potentially just a bad testing kit? I did everything to plan, had a nice slow boil.l

My thought would be the SG sample was taken from part of the wort that was very heavy to sugars if you did a partial boil and then topped off with sanitary water. Hard to get the boiled wort and top off water thoroughly mixed even with vigorous aeration.

I don’t take a OG sample any more for this reason. Just use the recipe OG.

The yeast will take care of the mixing when they get active.


Extract kits are pretty accurate with OG potential when the instructions are followed. I tend to agree about the mix of the sample or possibly not adjusting your reading for the temperature of the sample.

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