Cream Ale Kit- Cream Ale Yeast?

Hey all- newish to the game here- first time posting, and getting ready for kit #3–the Cream Ale Extract kit.

I went ahead and ordered the WLP080 Cream Ale yeast for this kit before noticing that it wasn’t in the dropdown of recommended yeasts for this kit. Do I have anything to worry about?

I’ve got a pretty basic setup, with the fermenter in my basement which seems to stay at at least a constant 60ish (maybe a little lower) degrees. The yeast recommends 70 :shock: .

Not sure how big of an issue this is- i’m wondering if I need to reorder a different yeast. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Will make the kit otherwise pretty much as instructed, though I do have a 4 oz Peach Extract that I’ll be adding at bottle time. Any other tips for this one?

Thanks everyone.

Your beer will be fine. You might try to bring the fermenter upstairs to get the temp closer to 70. Or, if you have a heating pad, set the fermenter on it with a blanket wrapped around it.

Your beer will probably be closer to a BJPC cream ale than it would by using the recommended yeast

I personally shoot for temps at the lower end of the “suggested range”. With your ambient temps, I think your just fine.

I agree with this. WLP080 is actually a blend of lager and ale yeasts, so I would recommend no higher than 65 degrees and if it were me, I would probably keep it around 60-62 degrees or so.