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Cream Ale Green apple bomb

So I brewed a cream ale last month…typical grain bill: 2row, flaked corn, a touch of biscuit malt. Anyway, fermented with a pack of re-hydrated US05 in a swamp cooler type set up in my garage. Water temp in the tub was a fairly steady 56, fermometer a steady 56-58. I wanted to keep it as low as possible for the most ‘neutral’ yeast character. After 17 days in the swamp cooler I brought the fermenter inside (ambient 72) for 4 days. I bottled using table sugar based on tastybrews recommended carb level. Hydro reading was 1.008 and tasted good. After 10 days in the bottle, I cracked one and BAM! Green apple aroma and taste. This is the second light colored ale I have brewed using US05 on the cold end and have had this flavor both times. Is fermenting too cold with US05 a cause for acetaldehyde? Also, how long can I expect this flavor to age out…I waited several months for the last one.

Yes I think you want to keep it above 60F. It just isn’t finishing, by the time you warm it up it is seriously dormant. that has to be the explanation, I’ve use dUS05 in the low 60’s and its plenty clean at those temps. I’ll even warm it a little after the peak of fermentation.

Yep, I think you are a little too cool for US05. I shoot for 62F myself.

That is lager temps. Maybe you should use a lager yeast.

I have read many post here about 05 being fine down into the high 50s. Anyway, I guess I won’t use it that cold anymore.

Back in the late spring I also brewed a cream ale with US-05. This was Jamil’s recipe which I have brewed many times and fermented the 05 at 58-60F with great results. This time however it threw a fair amount of green apple which hasn’t happened in the past. I kegged the batch and let it sit cold for 6-8 weeks and the acetaldehyde had been cleaned up. Give it time and I’m sure it will be fine. Store the bottles cold if you can. 58F might be a little low for 05, but I plan to try it again to see what happens.

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