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Cream Ale Fermentation Question

First time brewing the NB Cream Ale extract kit. Brewed on 6/3 and and fermentation started right away, producing a nice, golden blonde color. However, over the last couple days I have noticed the color is darkening to now a light brown color instead of the blonde color you would expect with a cream ale. I followed the directions w/adding a 1/2 lb of honey at the end of boil.

Since this is my first time with this brew, Im just checking to see if anyone knows if this is normal for the recipe? The directions say simply 2 weeks in prime before bottling, but Im wondering if I wouldnt want to leave it longer in hopes it clears up.

It’s always going to look darker in the carboy than it will in a 12-once glass…

As it ferments and sediments start settling out, it’ll begin to look darker and darker in the carboy. Nothing to worry about, like Ken says, it’ll look a lot lighter in the glass. Suspended sediments reflect more light than clear liquid does, and makes it look lighter initially.

Awesome, thanks guys. I figured that was the case, but I was just surprised to see it start out light & start turning dark with age. I appreciate the insight.

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