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Cream ale crystal 15 question

Quick question for you guys. While I was going over 3 recipes I am brewing this weekend I mistakenly added a pound of crystal 15 to my cream ale grains. The rest is 9 pounds of two row and 1 pound of flaked corn. I already had them in the bucket so I decided just to mash it all in. Any ideas on how this might turn out? Too sweet? Too much body?

It will be fine. Maybe the sweetness will offset that corn in a nice way. I would not worry about body. Take a sample and if you feel it’s not balanced brighten it with a bit of acid at bottle/kegging

Well its in the fermenter. We shall see how it goes.

I find flaked corn to be sweet and additional pound of crystal malt will likely sweeten it more. Luckily the crystal malt you used is rather light so you may be alright. Only t8ne will tell. If it’s too sweet hit it with a dry hop.

Thanks for the advice. What type of hops would you use?

Since dry hopping doesn’t bitter and the bitter is to counter the sweet I guess you would look for the highest AA dual use or aroma.

This is a good read on the subject…
Which is why I suggested adding a bit of acid. Lactic acid, for example, is cheap and totally predictable. You would add something like 5ml at a time during bottling until you got to where you wanted. Edit: When I did this 5ml was my tasting threshold. Looking at some online opinions others started tasting at 2ml for 5 gallons.

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