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Crazy Concept

I was given what I think is a great idea on keeping a brew pot insulated for BIAB mashing.

I had great problems keeping my temps steady using the stove’s heat and stirring, and I did fairly well when I took an old quilt and wrapped it around the pot, but this is a bit ridiculous I think, and a pain.

So I was given the idea (he has done it himself) of buying a large plastic planting pot, wrapping the brew pot in foil, and spraying expanding foam in there. So I bought a large pot and 2 bottles of foam, and it didn’t quite fill it up, but it’s certainly over the point in which my mini mashes have come to. It’s not as perfect fill, but I’m thinking it’ll do just fine when I cover the top with that quilt.

I used some metal brackets I had to suspend the pot so that I’d get a nice layer under the pot and keep the handles up high so they can easily be grabbed.

This is a 5 gal brew pot. I don’t recall the volume of the planter.

Nice! That’s a good idea - I might have to try that. My last couple of batches I’ve used the bag in a 5-gallon cooler for the mash, and it holds temp really well. This I would think would work equally well.

My first mini mash attempt was made in my 2 gal Igloo, but it was terrible. I’m guessing because the lid was thin plastic with no insulation.

Space would be the only issue I suppose. The cost wasn’t much, maybe $30 or so. But it also keeps me from cleaning one more piece of equipment, which I rather like!

Were I to do it over again I’d begin by spraying an even layer across the bottom and placing something on top to keep it even. I had to peel back a bit of the aluminum foil to get a better fill as there was a HUGE gap there from the first bottle of foam.

You also would really need to get that nozzle down in there. It’s a little short, and I think it likely I have some small gaps here and there.

I’m trying to get things together to brew today, but I got a very late start…

I wonder if you could mold a piece to go over the top in a similar way? Kind of a clam-shell set-up? BTW, the large mesh bags that NB sell are a perfect fit for a 5-gallon round igloo cooler. They work incredibly well for a 2.5-3 gallon batch or a 5 gallon BIAB with a smaller grain bill. I’m not sure I’ll ever use my mash tun again…

The fellow who gave me the idea has also come up with how to make it work for a pot with a spigot, and it works somewhat like you mentioned. I’m not sure how to work it though.

That looks really nice. I would make the lid out of blue board insulation. Just cut it into a disk or the right size. You can then glue or screw a handle on the top like a pot lid.

I checked on it and found foam had puked out and onto my lid. Now I need to remove it from the lid and side (I pulled it out).

I like the top idea ejeffrey!

I’ve been meaning to try this for a while too. There’s a whole instructables article on this idea; but I forget where I first saw the link… ... n-for-BIA/

I jacked up my pot yesterday. Pushing it back down into the space obviously squished out some liquid foam, which made it’s way through the foil folds and got on my pot.

I guess I’ll just use it as a mash tun now…

Going out for a 32 qt aluminum tamale steamer…

I place my kettle in a box built from an old gymnasium door and blue board insulation. I added some expanding foam to the corners to reduce heat loss. I lose about 1 degree per hour now and use it whether I do a BIAB or fly sparge. I thin it makes all the difference in the world to my brews.

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