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Crazy brew day

@dannyboy58 with all due respect to both you and @mabrungard the insinuation that Rahr adds lactic acid to their malt has no factual basis. Unless there is confirmation from a Rahr that this is accurate, of course.

I’ve brewed with a Rahr exclusively for a decade and my pH has always been consistent. So if they add lactic acid they are doing so in a consistent, scientific manner.

I reached out to Rahr to see if there is any credence to this.


I hate conspiracy theories. I use rahr and Briess never could tell much difference. Never did a side by side though. I’ve also used avangard German 2-row which was nice

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Seems all I can get is Briess from the local brewery… I would be willing to bet, the “grainy” description came from using 6 row too… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Sneezles61

I don’t want to be the instigator of or spreader of bad info so I did a little digging this morning re Rahr 2 row. Turns out according to Rahr it’s incorrect. Here’s a statement on it attributed to Rahr from a reddit homebrewing community post.

"Hey folks, I’ve been using the Bru’n Water spreadsheet lately now that I’ve
moved away from kits and tweaking my own grain bills. There is one
statement in the instructions section in regards to Rahr 2-Row base
"Special Note: It appears that base
malts from Rahr Malting may be pre-acidified by that company and they
may provide more acidity than expected for similar base malts. Other
maltsters may also produce base malts that can be more acidic than
typical. This may produce a mash pH lower than expected or calculated by
this program. A work-around for this problem is to set the color
rating of the malt about 3 Lovibond higher than reported by the maltster
to allow the program to calculate the correct acidity.

"I’ve asked the people at the Rahr Malt plant in Alix Canada and this above
statement does not apply to them. Here is their reply “. We’re a bit
puzzled in that we don’t apply any treatments to change pH in our malts.
There are differences between our plants based on natural elements such
as barley and water with our Alix plant being less acidic than our US
plants: Shakopee pH typically ranges from 5.8 to 6.1, Alix 5.9 to 6.2.”

Just wanted to throw this information out there and perhaps help others when using Bru’n Water."

So I stand corrected. Maybe Martin will chime in on where he got his info and how it affects the adjustments in Brunwater…

Don’t know if I’d call it a conspiracy theory…just spreading misinformation as it turns out.

I love avangard best malz. I use their pils, vienna and munich. I’d use their 2 row if my LHBS carried it.

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