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Brewed “the number 8” AG on Tuesday, had fermentation inside of 4 hours. Checked on it Thursday
morning and it appears to have crapped out on me. Smells old or almost sulphur like. I’m a bit bummed
about it. Doubt I can turn it around but thought I might ask if anybody can help me out.

How about a little more info? Recipe, yeast, ferm temps, OG, current gravity…

how much yeast did you pitch?

1762 can throw alot of stink.
It sounds fine to me, maybe you were expecting something different?

Are you sure it crapped out? While not the usual, I’ve definitely had fermentations finish up in 2-3 days, especially if I used more of a yeastcake (from a previous batch) than the usual 1/3.

Also, you can’t always assume a sulfury smell means a fail…as mentioned elsewhere in the thread, some yeasts can do that.

Check the gravity, and taste the sample.

Thanks for these replies, I’m feeling a real sense of hope. I’ve done 2 extracts and 3 AG kits.
All of these were sweet smelling, that’s why the worry. I did do a 1 quart strarter for 16 hours
and added all of the starter. I also added 2 small spoonfuls of #1450 Denny’s Favorite from a beer I kegged a few days earlier. I was afraid that the starter wasn’t going to be enough and I hadn’t tasted this beer before
so I didn’t think a couple of spoons of another yeast would hurt. OG was 1.076, that was 0.008 low.
Fermentation temp is 66-68 and still fermenting. Going to let it sit for one more week and check gravity and
taste it. Feeling much better about it now. I’ll see what happens. Sure glad I asked. Thanks a bunch!

Happy brewing

Oh yeah, if it is bad I’m thinking the starter did it. I feel pretty confident about clean/sanitation.

Happy brewing

I’m by no means a grizzled veteran, but in my experience its really hard to make bad beer.

If you used the 1762 yeast with that Number 8, it will smell really bad (sulfur) fermenting. I used it in the Lefse Blonde kit and that beer turned out fantastic.

Some of the best tasting yeasts can really stink while they are fermenting. Sulfur can take a couple weeks to blow off after the beer is otherwise finished, as well.

Well I’ve got to say I’m feeling good about things now. When I get back in town I’ll do a
gravity/taste check. Thanks guys, I appreciate you all sharing your knowledge and experience.

Happy brewing

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