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Craigslist Treasure?

Okay today or actually yesterday i bought a kegerator from a newly wed couple looks like the poor guy was forced to sell his kegerator. Anyways I bought it for 50 dollars it was a old kegerator from the 80’s the whole thing was made out of wood except for the actual refrigeration part. The refridgeration unit on the kegerator was no good broken compressor and i was told either the beer would be at room temp or the keg would FREEZE. Also it required a new seal on the door and other functional issues that made it hard to work with, but there was something i had my eye on. I noticed that they had a whole draft system set up in this kegerator tubes, draft tower, 2 faucets (stardard and a Guinness stout faucet), several different name brand handles (sam adams, budweiser, karl strauss, and guinness), it also came with 2 5lbs cylinders (1 CO2,1 N2) along with the regulator and gauges, and all the spare parts and pieces i will ever need to keep the draft system up and running. Also it looks like this kegerator originally belonged to a bar/pub because on the inside of the kegerator it has a little keg log that kept track of that type of beer and when it was put inside, and also because of all the variety of handles.
Now here are my questions that i could use some help with.

  1. most of this stuff is old and i mean from the 80’s and they have not been used since maybe 2008 (they left keg registration and reciepts in the drawers) and all of this stuff was never cleaned properly, I already threw away the hoses because i can just buy new ones. how do i clean all of this stuff properly w/o damaging it?
  2. I think/know i got a good deal for 50 bucks for all of this (see pictures) if you can could you tell me how much i actually made on my 50 dollars.
  3. i can install and screw the regulator onto my co2 tank because on the co2 tank the valve has a male adapter and the regulator has a female adapter, but my N2 tank has female adapter on the valve. Is this normal for a N2 tank or any tank in general and is it possible to put beer gas into my co2 tank (75% N2/25% CO2). or should i use my N2 tank for beer gas for my stouts and use my co2 tank for my other beers?
  4. Kegerator was toasted my neighbor is a refridgertor technician and he figured the cost of repair the old thing and having it break down again was not worth it. I stripped and salvaged what i can from the kegerator and probably going to go find another small fridge on craigslist and make a kegerator.

looks like i can only add 3 photos at a time my second post will have the rest of the photos

More photos

more photos sorry.

Might have to exchange those gas bottles for new ones, they look a little old. Might jack up the overall price a little bit, but otherwise, seems like a decent find…I’d give it all a thorough cleaning. Maybe try PBW soak for the faucets, and mild soap for the kegerator.

Im not a kegging expert, but I just dropped a lot of cash on the parts for a keezer. A CO2 cylinder alone is about 60 bucks. and the regulator is another 40. Faucets are 30-40 depending if they are stainless or if they are the perlicks. It sounds like the compressor in the fridge still works but the thermostat or whatever shuts the compressor off, is broken. You can probably buy a new thermostat like the sell on NB to convert a freezer, plug the fridge into that, and be fine. You can probably have the CO2 tanks tested wherever you would get them filled

sounds like a good find, even if there are a few kinks to work out.

I’ve been looking for a JD utility trolley to pull with my personal X500 for a few several weeks. I have missed out on the quite a few upon Craigslist as well as Auction web sites. We saw this yesterday upon CL and sent a email to get in collection. I had been very first within collection and the best thing it was like 15 miles through the house!
It’s fit, needs a little sanding, primer as well as fresh paint in the mattress, but other than that it looks great. I purchased in the original owner who purchased within 1990 something.

Great idea brewlady! Plug that thing into a johnson temp controller and you’d probably be good to go. Even if not, you’d still find a use for the controller. That thing looks pretty sweet, IMO, and for 50 bucks, I’d say that’s a great find. The money you’d spend on a different freezer (cause freezer’s are insulated better than fridge’s) could buy you the temp controller.

If I were you, I’d probably make sweet love to that thing! Love the drawers and the tank storage section. Rock on!


i voted no…As in No Pants

by the way, nice find.

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