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Craft brewers ... ign=buffer

I hate phonies.

I love many Lagunitas brews, but this guy has turned me off in about every way.

It’s a shame.

BUT…there are so many great beers to try and enjoy that I am not losing out at all in the big picture.

Tony however, is losing my $ over this silliness. Especially the political comments.

Bye bye.

Yeah its a tough, fine line. I understand wanting to protect your branding and property. After all, its his livelihood. As for the political comments, I don’t have a problem with breweries getting a tax abatement. They are bringing numerous jobs to the area. Those people pay taxes and buy other products which also provides tax revenue.
What strikes me as odd is this goofball keeps getting on social media and running his mouth. I’ve never been a fan of social media, and at 34yo don’t have Facebook, twitter, or any other account. This fool’s part of the reason. Funny thing is that if I said this stuff, no one would care. But, when you are in the public spotlight people at attention.

Its not that he says it that I find hypocritical it’s that he bad mouths others about doing the same thing he’s doing. He’s a big brewery making big bucks, fine I have no problem with that. You want to go big go big and embrace it. The guy should just brew beer and keep his mouth shut.

Maybe he’s prepping for his own reality show. :roll:

I’m sure your all familiar with the Ghandi Bot controversy . Which by the way is a awesome DIPA. But I found the second part of the article about City Steam or CitySteam standing up to Anchor Brewing in a lawsuit interesting.

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