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Cracked Flask

So after I was brewing today, I noticed a huge crack in the bottom or my Erlenmeyer 2L flask. I’m not sure what could have caused this. I never banged it or set it down too hard. I’ve only used it 10 times or so. Any ideas? And would it still be safe for yeast starters (I’m afraid I already know the answer to that questions)?

There are a number of reports of this happening. They don’t seem to be as durable as people think.

My suggestion would be to find a different vessel to make starters in. Large wine jug, juice jug (if you can still find glass), flower vase.

I wouldn’t trust it.

The flasks made in India and other places in Asia seem to be rather fragile. I use a true Corning Pyrex Wide Mouth 2000ml Erlenmeyer Flask and go from boiling my starter directly on my glass top stove to an ice bath without and issue. Mine is made by Corning in the Czech Republic. Costs over 40 bucks but it is worth it. The wide mouth is nice as it helps prevent boilovers and makes adding the DME, Nutrient and yeast easier. I also use a stainless steel canning funnel which works great. It takes a #13 stopper and I use one that has a single hole and stick a fermentation lock in it. ... 53ebffd1f5 ... 5891a3b22e


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