Cracked 6gal carboy!

Last night I noticed my brew had dropped below the five gallon line, I marked on the 6 gal glass carboy…I then discovered the problem !

a hair line crack that runs horizontal, for about 4-6 inches along where the sludge/trub has settled.

Happened sometime after initial fermentation, which was very active. Brewed on 10-15-12 and set for secondary on 11-05.

Need advice / answers please…lets save the Saison !!! :shock:

Sanitize a fermenting bucket quickly and siphon.

I personally have gotten rid of all my glass stuff. Too many horror stories. Good luck with it–it’ll likely turn out just fine!

I would think you would be fine because of pressure pushing out Unless there’s glass fragments in it. But I’m sure there isn’t. Just transfer it or bottle/keg it. I’m sure fermentation is done anyway at this point.
I’ve also heard and seen too many horror stories about glass breaking costing people limbs and/or good brew.

When you transfer just keep ur siphon well away from the sediment and cracked area. If there are any slivers in there that way you wont get any of them. Glass is VERY heavy and as long as you stay well above the sediment I cannot imagine a piece lifting off the bottom. As a comparison yeast is very lite and you have to get pretty close to the cake before you start seeing it lift off the bottom of the fermenter and head for you siphon tube. Long and short I would def try to salvage it.


thanks brewers !! was really worried more about the possible glass fragments, does not appear to be any chunks missing, so we shall see.


That sucks…

Looks like you need some Better Bottles of buckets. I’ve been thinking about making the switch lately but just don’t want to spend the money since i have a bunch of glass carboys even though they are heavy and breakable.

[quote=“inhousebrew”]I’ve been thinking about making the switch lately but just don’t want to spend the money since i have a bunch of glass carboys even though they are heavy and breakable.[/quote]Sell the carboys to some sucker and use the money to buy buckets at half the price.

I’m a sucker! been using glass for 13 years (2 of my carboys are from when I first started) with no problems. if you still want to see fermentation, switch to a Better Bottle.

I started with Better Bottles and bought some glass carboys & buckets for wine. I am finding that I like glass and buckets better…

Transfer to a bucket lined with a clean white pillow case. When you pull the pillow case out it should catch any glass particles that might be there.

How about a really dirty grimy pillowcase from some random one story motel in the seedy part of your town?

(please don’t do this)

Again thanks brewers. did re rack it and letting it sit for three weeks. Plans to filter into bottle bucket, as well as inline filter for the beer wand. looks like we saved the Saison !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just be sure to not filter in such a way to add areate. Cardboard sucks!

Mine arrived in the mail already broken, when I opened it it looked like an empty box and then I looked down and saw it in little tiny pieces I was not happy cleaning up all the small pieces of glass that escaped through the bottom.

I don’t see any form of filtration that will not aerate the beer. Possibly putting a nylon on the output side of the siphon. But I think there will still be an issue with it.

IMO, transferring to a second fermenter, then into a bottling bucket a few days later will eliminate the possibility of glass going into the bottle.


Stay a couple o inches off the bottom on both siphons and roll on. If you wanna be really paranoid I wouldn’t filter I would just not tilt the bottling bucket at the end and sacrifice what is below the valve. I cannot consive of a way a glass shard could make it that far with that many gravity seperations.