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Crab apples in cider

I have brewed cider myself, with added crab apples from my garden.They sharpen up a sweet cider and gave it a nice pink color. It tasted delicious, and even though I don’t know the strength, it made me laugh a lot! :lol:

I love love love crabapple cider. Enjoy it!

Recently put some crabapples in a lambic.

Crabapples have a lot of tannins in them, which help to give a cider some structure, otherwise all the fructose in sweeter apple varieties just ferments out. So ‘good eating’ apples aren’t necessarily ‘good cider making’ apples and vice versa. The best ciders I’ve had are from apples that are pretty vile to eat, or included some percentage of crabapples to give it some acidity and tannins in the finished product.

Glad you liked the product, I wish I had harvested some off my mom’s tree before the snow hit!

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