Cover plants on cold night?

Looking at the forecast here in Southwest Ohio next week, it looks like overnight temperatures may fall to or below freezing. Last year I went through the hassle of trying to cover them everytime they it got that cold. Is it really worth it? Are they hardier than I think?

They are very easy to cover with buckets when just sprouting, but once they get some height on them the draping of sheets is a pain!

What do you guys do on the cold nights?

I’m in NWPA and on my third year plants. I don’t have any sprouts yet but I’ve never covered on the cold nights. They’ve done just fine and survived. Hops are tough little buggers.

I just let them go, they will grow back if they get bit.

Let them go. If they’re not first-year plants, there will be other buds underground just waiting to pop up if the emerged shoots die. Better yet, if you know it’s going to be a hard freeze (<~25º), pick the shoots off and cook them so they’re at least somewhat useful.

3rd year and a TON of buds. I know I should have split the rhizomes but I was lazy this year. I’ll have to next year.