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Couple of Question?

I have heard the term Yeast Cake for the first time on joining the forum.

From what I gather the yeast cake is everything in the bottom of the bucket after primary fermintation.

I boiled a Dead Ringer IPA from NB on Saturday, after primary fermintation stops can I transfer to secondary then mix the sediments from the bottom of the Dead Ringer into a fresh batch of Scottish Wee Heavy for primary fermintation?
I have purchased the smack pack for the Wee Heavy but I can purchase another kit to use the smack pack on.

I have an Oktoberfest that I recently bottled and I think I messed it up, When I open a bottle it has a strange smell and I do not think the taste is right. It is not because I have a preconcived notion of how I think it should taste but it is almost a spoilt taste can you screw a batch of beer up so bad that it is undrinkable? Time in the bottle has not helped.

Primary: NB Dead Ringer IPA
Bottled: German Light, Cezch Pilsner, Smashing Pumpkin, Octoberfest

yes you can reuse the yeast, either pour it in a sanitized jar until you are ready to use it or just pour your next beer right on it.

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