Couple firsts today

Well, completed my first all grain brew! Went pretty well.

Had a few 'ah ha" moments during the process. Several second guess moments and also a first using whirlfloc. That stuff really does a number on the wort!

I brewed a version of NB’s Chinook IPA. MY LHBS didnt have crystal 120 so had to go with crystal 60. Unsure how (if any noticable difference) that will affect the beer in the end.

Another first timer post mentioned one of my ah ha momnets when it came to getting the chilled wort from brew pot to fermenter. I just used my auto siphon until the pot was more managable weight.

I did come up a bit shy in final volume on my main brewpot…almost exactly one gallon. But I did have a “spare” pot boiling off to the side during my boil just in case.

My og was 1.057 which I was pretty happy with considering this was my first AG. I mashed at about 152 - 153 for just over 60 minutes.

I was very surprised how quickly the runoff cleared up during my first runnings. Basically less than a quart and it seemed fine. I ran a total of 3 quarts just to be sure, then slowed the running down quite a bit to fill the brewpot slowly.

Long day but a good one so far! Hope to see bubbles by morning! Cheers!!

Congratulation! Like your 1st extract brew, the worry was worse then the deed.

On Denny’s site, he mentions draining slow to set the grain bed while recirculating the wort. Once it clears there is no benefit to a slow run of. So it is OK open the valve up.

Having the extra water on hand was a good idea. The boil off rate will change as the weather does. Temp, wind, humidity all play a role.

What was the expected OG?

Nighthawk, thanks for the tip! I was thinking I had read somewhere that a slower runnoff would increase the efficientcy/OG but if thats not the case, it could save about 20 mins I suppose.

I do have a question on sparging. I guess I kind of batch/fly sparged. As I was running off, I added more water to the grain bed.

In batch sparging, do you run until it stops, then add more water then open it back up again?

Are you supposed to let the sparge water steep in the grain bed or just immediatley run that into your brewpot? i’ve been a little unclear on that process.

What was the expected OG?[/quote]

Per the brew sheet form NB, OG 1.053

That was the exact number I got pre temp correction.

I am either awsome or incorrect in the usage of a hyrdometer!! :mrgreen: