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Could my cider really be ready after 3 weeks?

Making my first Cider. Its been a little over 3 weeks since I pitched red star Cuvee yeast. Took a reading about 7 days ago and it at 1.000. OG was 1.052. Today its steady at 1.000. Its been fermenting in a 6 gal bucket. I think it tastes pretty good and I am very surprised with the clarity! A little haze but surprising how clear it looks. I know some people secondary and leave it be for months and months. I was going for a little residual sweetness. You can taste the apple but it is nicely tart. I was going to transfer to a carboy but I only have 6 gal and 6.5 gal available at the moment. Then I got to thinking, would I be absolutely crazy to wait another week or so, check that gravity readying again and if it is stable prime and bottle it. I want to go sparkling and just don’t have the space in my keggerator for a third keg. Having a party December 13 and it would be nice to share my first cider. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

If it’s done fermenting, it’s done fermenting. If it’s been a week, it should be safe to prime and bottle. Whenever you’re ready. Enjoy it!

Thanks. I am going to let it be for another 7-10 days and if that reading is still steady I am going for it, will prime and bottle and enjoy! Keeping it simple. Originally i was thinking of back sweetening it and clarifying it etc but I think simple is best for the first one and I can cold condition these bottles after they carb up and I betting the flavor will continue to develop with a little age.

I did a coconut cider with Munton’s and bottled it after three weeks like a beer. It was very good and I have some in the cooler aging.

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