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Could it be ready tonight?

I kegged my dunkleweizen yesterday afternoon…my first keg after 5 yrs of bottling: woohoo!

It’s only a half batch at approx 2.5 gallons. I shook vigorously for several minutes until I could barley hear the CO2 entering the keg. It set over night at 20psi in a 50F keezer that is doing double duty now as lager-fermentation chamber.

Could it possibly be drinkable at the 30 hour point? Should I try a sample tonight? Or, should I just wake up from this dream and accept that it will need to sit for another couple of days?


No harm at all in sampling it!
You can always hook the tank back up to it for a day or two under high pressure if you decide it is necessary (or in the unlikely event it is overcarbed, you can start bleeding it off).

Either way, there’s only one way to find out if it is ready.
It may be a bit foamy at first, especially if you try and pour too fast, but I’d definitely pour a pint and taste it.

With the shake method, I find the beer to be drinkable at 6 hours post with no further CO2 addition. Usually perfect after a couple of days. After I shake, I don’t add any CO2. Just leave it in cold storage for 6 hours, then bleed off pressure and attach gas at serving pressure. Works for me. YMMV

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