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Could i be wrong?

Been using hop spiders now for a while. But have a feeling you do use 1 hop spider. Thats not enough. For 5 kind of hops. Maybe the spider to small. Think the hops are to tight. Could i be wrong on this thought. So me do use 2 spider divide them over 2 spiders. On the happy thought. Me tomorow 10 days of. Brewing. Work on the. Brew area. Finish my new. Kegurator. Grandson. Wants to dive. Fishing. And mini golf. Sunday karnaval parade. Will bring my portable 1gal growler. And watch the parade


I have one and think it doesn’t allow the hops to be fully used even in fairly small amounts. If you put too much in, it definitely isn’t good. Mine is mostly used to filter the wort as it goes into the brew kettle now to keep husks out. If I do use it during the boil I swoosh it around to try to increase the exposure.

Mines about the size of a 5 gallon bucket and it clogs up too… Maybe how Nood uses his, is the way to do it… I’m not against getting some trub in the fermenter… all that does is detract from the volume into the keg… which then means you have to up scale to completely fill a keg… Whew! I’ll brew this W/E and give it a whirl! Sneezles61

How big is your spider? I use paint strainer bags for hops in the boil. The 5 gallon bag is big enough to accept lots of hops and still billow around in the wort.

I’ve been thinking of getting one of these:

Now I’m not so sure after your concerns…

@dannyboy58 I have one of those and too noticed a diminished return on my hop schedule. I agree with @wilcolandzaat in that it doesn’t allow the hops to not only move freely, I never felt I got a true boil out of them. Of course, you could always up your schedule by say 10%. I returned back to large nylon straining bags.


Thanks for the feedback @loopie_beer Guess I’ll stick with my paint strainer bags

Free range hops for me

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