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Cough syrup!

I assume if my beer fermented for 2 mo is still the sweetness and mouthfeel of cough syrup, I failed to pitch enough yeast or f- ed something up.

6lbs gold extract
1lb DME
4 lbs 2-row mashed at 152 for 60 min

Lb or two of sucrose.

2 oz cascade
1 oz citra

WY2112 yeast cake repitched.

OG 1.082

The FG was steady at 1.032 for two weeks.

It’s nasty sweet and thick like … Well, cough syrup.

Yep, sorry. 1.032 after two months- that’s all she wrote.
One possibility would be to brew a weakish batch that might dry out to somewhere around 1.008 and mix the two.
Another possibility would be to make and ferment something you will actually want to drink, and then pitch the stalled batch on top of the yeast cake from batch #2. That might kick it back to life.
Good Luck!

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