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Cosmic punch yeast with dried tangerine results in yuck

I brewed a double batch of NB tangerine ravine all grain kit. One batch I used oyl 004 yeast and the other batch cosmic punch. I carbonated and tasted a carbonated sample of both at end of primary fermentation. I liked both but the cosmic punch seemed to have slightly more flavor. Moved to secondary

I had soaked some dried tangerine peel in vodka for a few days. I had two packages, I combined them and mixed then split into two equal weights before soaking. Engineer what can I say:)

After being in secondary I bottled and kegged. The batch made with the cosmic punch now tasted nasty. I sorta had a real bitter/sour tangerine flavor but like the tangerine was bad. Sorry I cant describe it better. I had to add grapefruit puree and blood red orange to make it drinkable. The batch made with oyl 004 yeast tasted fine. Has anyone had an experience with cosmic punch yeast reacting with dried tangerine peel to taste nasty.

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Pretty specific scenario so can’t say I’ve much to add. But ….No chance it’s infection in something isolated to the one batch, ie hardware/tubing/keg etc?
Any delta in final gravity?

Final gravity same for both.

You got me thinking. I guess infection is a possibility

Just remembered I bottled a 6 pack of each brews. Will test them. In addition to tasting, will check pH of both as well in case lactobacillus made some lactic acid. Will also spike the 004 yeast beer sample with lactic acid to see if I can turn the good beer to the same taste as the bad beer. Diacetyl test as well. Any other easy tests that you can think of would be appreciated.

Perhaps just some plain old aging… some brews need this stage to improve them…

Well you were right sneezles. Tasted the bottled stuff with a friend and we could only detect at most a slight difference between the two bottled beers. We did not do a blind test and I suspect one or both of us would have failed to detect which two of three pours were the same. Apparently the cosmic punch batch just needed more time to mellow out.

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