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Correcting an overly dry wheat beer

I’ve got 5 gallons of NB’s american wheat in the fermentor–probably ready to bottle this weekend. Took a hydrometer reading two days ago and it was 1.007, well below the last batch of this I brewed (1.012). Only difference in this batch and the previous one (10 months ago) is temp control. Current batch fermented at a steady 60-62* beer temp, using s-05. Taste is good but very dry, and I’m figuring the dryness will just be accentuated by carbonation.

Just for full disclosure, I added orange zest at 15 min. and a pound of honey at flameout- I’m sure the honey is what dried it out but I did the same thing on my other batches of this beer and no dryness. OG on this one was 1.050.

So I’ve been researching the forum, and see where some have used maltodextrin at bottling to lend a little residual sweetness, and I have some on hand. My questions are:

  1. Is this a good idea? ( i do like a little sweet in the finish)

  2. If yes, suggestions for amount in 5 gallons.

  3. Can I dissolve and boil maltodextrin along with my priming sugar?


Yes, yes, that will work fine. Add it with the priming sugar. You’ll probably want roughly 0.5 lb for 5 gallons just to take the edge off, or if you want extra body then use 0.75 lb.


Thanks, Dave. It was one of your posts that got me thinking this way. I really appreciate your expertise and help.


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