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Corny kegs to Finland


Sorry if this has been discussed already, but I’m trying to find a way to get a Cornelius keg here in Finland. I live in Tampere and the only LHBS in town, that I know of, is a very small shop.

I’ve looked at purchasing online, but the shipping cost are outrageous. I was hoping someone had some insight to my dilemma. I’ve got a nice IPA bubbling away and I’d love to keg it and put it in the basement for a while.

It also seems that the regulations are a bit tight here as to buying a keg from a distributor.

Thanks for your help! posting.php?mode=post&f=3#

You should PM RebuiltCellars. He lives in Finland and can probably help with this.

Actually I came across his post about buying kegs here after I posted my question. I haven’t heard back yet though.
I did, however, find a corny keg on ebay for 29e from Germany + 33e for shipping… Not a terrible deal but if I can pay less by buying locally and get two I’d be thrilled!

Fingers crossed! :smiley:

Contact info for a shop that sells them PM’d to you, but unfortunately you won’t save much over the German price you found - unless you have to pay import fees on top of the shipping cost, in which case it might be worth the two hour drive to Vantaa. At least then, you’ll have a chance to look at the kegs before you buy them.

Check with some local drinking soda bottlers.

Won’t work here. Very quickly after something goes obsolete here, it gets hauled to the recycling center. All the local supplies are long gone years ago. The reconditioned kegs I bought were actually imported from the US.

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