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Corny Keg Spitting Foam

Hello I have a corny keg and after two batches, it continues to spit up foam when pouring. I carbonated it for approximately two days at 20 psi and then I brought the PSI down to 6 PSI but it continues to spits when pouring. The seals look good on the keg and I have tried a six foot and ten foot hose. I have a picnic tap too. What could be causing this issue? Thanks in advance.

Try blowing off the gas. Then hooking the tap back up. You have to get the gas absorbed into the beer takes time.

Thanks. I have done that as well, but no luck. I have another batch which I carbonated the same way and it pours well.

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Could there be a puncture in the beer output line?

I would think that would be noticable. Switch tap lines with the one that’s pouring well

Check your liquid dip tube o-ring. Could be causing an issue if it’s chewed up.


I am using the same tap lines for both with different results.

@CS I take a look at that.

That is what caused that problem for me.

Or perhaps there is some gumpucky/obstruction in the liquid tube in the keg… Pull it apart and do an inspection. Sneezles61

Not sure I understand exactly what you mean by “spitting foam”? do you get a glass full of foam on each pour or what? It could just be overcarbed.

Agree with @sneezles61 I’d take the liquid diptube apart, inspect and clean as well as checking your liquid line and QDs for any obstruction that might be in there. If you switch beer lines and still get the same action from the keg then it’s definitely in the diptube or QD.

Can you explain this? The o-ring on the post or the actual dip tube o-ring? Never heard of the o-ring that sits between the keg and the dip tube causing problems.

Not sure about the physics of it, just that it’s happened before.

No kidding. Maybe sucking air?

I guess but wouldn’t it be more prone to spraying beer. I guess it could cause a vacuum

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But I think this would be pretty noticeable. Especially if your getting foamy pours from the side of your keg! :stuck_out_tongue:

The o ring between your dip tubes and keg will usually leak out all your CO2 first.

Poppet and post o ring failures will usually result in beer down the side of the keg and quick loss of gas as well.

My money is on obstruction in the line, too short lines or over carbonation.

Alright. Let’s say it is over carbonated. Is there a way to remedy it or am I SOL?

Spitting out as in when I pouring a glass, nothing but foam spits out into the glass.

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