Corny keg rebuilds

Yup, I searched using that subject.
Anybody have any links for keg o-ring part #'s, and places to buy in bulk, such as McMaster-Carr and the like?
Getting ready to disassemble mine and wish to have on hand all the needed o-rings as necessary.

While you’re at it, share your experiences on the use of the “universal poppets” for these kegs, and sources for the same.

Do they work well, or should you seek out “manufacturer specific” valves.

Many thanks in advance! :cheers:

That link has the McMaster Carr part numbers.

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That link has the McMaster Carr part numbers.[/quote]

Thank you Brother, for your prompt response!!!..I love this place!

Any input from anyone on the poppet valve inquiry?

I have a couple kegs that need new poppets myself. I don’t know how well the universal one work.

I purhcased bulk rings at

I used a universal on a gas post. Sealed it up. Haven’t tried on a liquid post yet, but they have a stiffer spring, should work.

I bought a couple from NB because the recommended poppets for the keg didn’t fit the post.

Sorry, didn’t notice that you asked about universal poppits. I have used them quite a bit. The only problem is that they can be quite stiff and sometimes so stiff that you cannot get the QD on. When this happens use a pair of wire snips and cut the bottom ring off. Other than this they work great and in my opinion they are much easier to use.

Thanks for the info, All…
I can see trimming the spring to adjust the rate, otherwise they would not be really “universal” would they?

My main concern on them is how the bodies of the poppets matched up to the diameter of the inlet and outlet holes on the posts physically.

Being a newb at this, just trying to glean info!

I hooked up with a local brew club, and it just so happens they are having their monthly meeting this weekend about 4 miles away from the house.

I’m sure I’ll have a million questions for them!

Again, many thanks! :cheers:

You can get the o-rings for the posts at Ace Hardware. Have not checked to see if they have the big ones for the lids.