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Corny Keg Cover

Do any of you know if they sell Keg covers? Not the lids, but a cover that you slip the keg into that covers the whole thing.

I don’t think I’ve seen anything like this. Why are you wanting to cover your keg?

King size pillow case?

I guess there is no real reason to cover it up. Maybe to look good when showing them off.
King size pillow case, hmmmm, lol.

They are used kegs and although they aren’t dented and don’t look bad at all it would just be nice to have a nice covering to make them look a little better as seeing so all my equipment is new.
I guess I could have bought new kegs, but oh well. It hold and serves beer, I cant complain. :smiley:

You will be amazed at how good stainless steel can look after using this.

Thanks for the replies. I will check out both products.

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