I made my first cider a few months back. Smelled sulfuric during fermentation. I took my first tast yesterday and there was a corn flavor present. Is this common? Does this go away? Or is it an infection somehow? The airlock did end up dry at one point and I didnt know how long it had been that way.

I can’t attest to the corn flavor, but I did have a sulfur smell too the first time. In the end the cider after in the secondary for six months came out great. I would like to hear from others about the corn flavor though.

I guess it could be dimethyl sulfide. It is naturally present in most wines through the breakdown of sulfur containing amino acids. But, it has a sensory threshold.

Does this go away with time? Didnt expect this flavor to be there.

Not really. Unless caught very early and it can be tricky to treat. More than likely by now it has interacted with the alcohol and formed mono-mercaptans.

Bummer. Thanks