Corn meal in the mash?

What would be the difference between this and grits? Is it closer to flaked maize? I know the latter you don’t have to cereal mash, but would the starches in corn meal gelatinize and become soluble?

I only ask because I have enough corn meal in my house to feed the Baltimore Ravens and ‘brewin with what ya got’ is always a great move.

IIRC, corn gelatinizes at mash temps so you don’t need to do a cereal mash.

Beware, I made cornmeal mush and added it to a mash and had the worst stuck mash I’ve ever encountered. Maybe I needed to have done a cereal mash on it, or just added it without pre-gelatinizing.

Brewin’ in a bag!

I’ve done cerial mashes and also tried adding the corn meal (actually polenta in my case) directly to the mash. I think the cerial mash worked out better. It may be that other factors at play also, but my efficiency was better with the cerial mash, and the polenta seemed to sink and thus gather around my stainless braid, which made for a slow run off.