Corn allergies

I have just found out I have a corn allergy. I assume there are multiple extract kits without any corn in them even in the malt extract? If so, which ones. I currently have legged an Irish red, American wheat, nut brown and smash ipa.

Malt extracts should not have any corn at all. And in any kit, there should only be corn if you add it in the form of flaked corn, or corn sugar.
If your favorite recipe(like some Cream ales, or American lagers) calls for flaked corn, you can substitute with rice. And if using corn sugar, substitute with regular table sugar.
It should be extremely easy to avoid corn.

I agree with Jim, for the most part. Corn should be easily avoided but there is one extract on the market that contains corn. Avoid this one: ... -P942.aspx

Also note that is American LAGER extract, not American LIGHT extract. The light does NOT contain corn.

Thanks for the quick feedback. Yes, corn sugar for sure, but I normally keg rather than bottle, so this will be fine. I was not sure about the malt extracts - most lists I have seen show malt extract and malt syrup as potentially containing corn- if something like corn syrup is added to the extract to make it go further. Maltodextrin is another thing to really watch for, but would normally come into play with wine or meads.

I would sure hope that the reputable extract brands are not doing anything as underhanded as adding corn syrup as an extender. It would definitely ruin my faith in humanity.
On the other hand, if you can’t be sure, you can always go the all grain route.
Good Luck buddy. I hope this allergy doesn’t turn you off brewing. Or ruin your health.