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Coriander and Orange Peel

Evening all,

Planning an American Wheat tomorrow (5 lbs pale/ 4 lbs wheat/ .5 lbs C10) and was curious to hear what everyone has done in regards to coriander and orange peel. Although not necessarily per the style, I’d like to make an American wheat with the above mentioned ingredients — technically speaking I suppose it would be a spice beer, but who cares.


Since these two ingredients are typically used in wits, what has everyone used, in terms of amounts and time added to boil, with a typical 5 gallon batch.

This is what I was thinking:

.5 oz whole (then crushed) coriander at 5 minutes
1 oz fresh orange zest at 5 minutes

Open to all suggestions, as this is my first true venture with this type of beer.



For my wits, I use 1 oz bitter orange, zest from 3 or 4 fresh sweet oranges, and 2 oz coriander. That’s a lot of coriander, you may want to cut that down. The orange fades quickly though, so if you feel like you used to much all you have to do is wait. :slight_smile:

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