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Copper racking cane?

Hello all,
Having recently gone to kegs, I have grown tired of waiting for my smaller 3/8 Autosiphon to rack 5 gallons from carboy to keg. I purchased the larger 1/2 model and 6ft of 1/2" id high temp, thermoplastic hose.

When I rack from vessel to vessel, I like to use a straight cane in the receiving vessel rather than just dangle the hose in it. Seems like too often the hose is yanked on and comes out spilling beer or wort all over the place.

Anyway, I used to use a 3/8 straight acrylic racking cane for this purpose. Now that I’ve gone to the 1/2 model, I need to come up with something to replace it.

I figured I could use a piece of 1/2 inch copper with a female threaded adapter on the end of it and a 1/2 inch pipe to barb fitting. I have a stainless one ready to go.

My question is will copper be OK in finished beer during the rack or is that a bad idea? Understand it’s perfectly OK with hot and cold wort, but maybe not beer due t o changes in PH.

I could do the same with a piece of CPVC I have lying around instead of the copper.


When in doubt, Google it out.

Found this today on a homebrewing forum. Seems like a really bad idea to use copper in the fermenter or anywhere you have finished beer, or beer where yeast have fermented it sufficiently.

[color=#008000]Don’t use copper in or after fermentation. Boil side it is great.
John Palmer and Jamil Zainisheff just did a brewing metals episode of their podcast called Brew Strong (you can find it here:…fect-Your-Beer)

In a nutshell, drinking water in copper pipes, or boiling wort pre-fermentation in a copper vessel (or with a copper pipe in the boil pot). the amount of water contacting the copper is limited to the time the water is passing through the pipes or boiling in the kettle. The pH is pretty neutral (though it drops as the boil goes on). There’s not a lot of contact time, so not a whole lot of copper goes into solution. What small amount does, the yeast take it all out during fermentation. (The copper is a good nutrient for yeast). Using copper in the fermenter or afterwards is during a period of lowered pH and the copper will continue to dissolve into solution as fast or faster than the yeast can consume it. Sulfates in the water will bind with the copper producing copper sulfate, a poison. I highly recommend the podcasts.


If you’re racking to a keg, just attach the hose to the beer post.

Great idea!
Almost too obvious really.
However, the reduced dia of the dip tube negates the added flow and reduced racking time I was looking to get out of the 1/2 inch Autosiphon.

I think the answer is going to be either a chunk of 1/2 acrylic tubing or stainless. I can get a 36 inch piece of 1/2" od stainless tubing for about $14 from McMaster Carr.

I attach mine to the out post as well. It only takes ten minutes or so and it’s about the most sanitary way to do it. 10 min is no biggie to me…

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