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Copper Contact to get rid of H2S? What?

I read this on the interwebs, if you have some hydrogen sulfide (egg smell) in your beer, you can stir it with copper and it will bind and thus come out of your beer.

Anyone ever try this successfully? There is definitely some in my wit and I’d like to remove it sooner rather than later…and not contaminate it or make it taste like penny (which I’ve actually heard are mainly zinc now)

Can I just drop a piece of copper in for 10 minutes, sanitized and tied to dental floss?

The sulfide will generally gas out if you let it sit. The copper technique is more for wine but it would probably work with beer. Be sure to sand the copper pipe so new metal is exposed. Copper reacts with hydrogen sulfide to produce copper sulfide which is insoluble.

Or you could ask a policeman to come swirl his pinkie in the beer.

^— Ha!

k actually just listened to the ‘metals’ episode of Brewstrong, and they said that while copper was great to use on the hot side, you shouldn’t use it after chilling or after fermentation as it can aid in the formation of some staling compounds, including the dreaded cardboard flavor.

Yes but a copper pickup will quickly become passivated and be useless to pull out H2S.

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