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Coors light draft in a box, reuse?

I have a co-worker that has been saving me his coors light draft in a box emptys, they look just like the tap-a-drafts. wondering if anyone has ever tried to re-use them. i know i would have to replace the CO2. ... re=related

I was given 2 of these and plan to try using them in about 2 weeks for my pale ale.

I have one in my fridge right now with homebrew and it seems to be working ok. The tap actually leaks just a little bit, but I remedied that by putting a ziploc over the tap when I am not pouring. It may help to put teflon or plumbers tape on the screwcap.

Also just so you know, the beer must be carbonated before you put the replacement Co2 cartridge in it.

Do a search on the forum. There are several posts about using them.

Thanks for the heads up on the leaky threads. These will make bottling go so much faster! And yes I did know that I have to prime the beer first.

They are definitly nice for bottling!

So add the priming sugar and beer in it?

So add the priming sugar and beer in it?[/quote]

You got it MV!

I was monkeying around with these earlier this year, and managed to rig up a way to force carb them from a CO2 tank. It’s the last post in this thread:

Miller/Coors Home Draft

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