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Coopers ABV?

I am going to brew a coopers IPA kit and was wondering what kind of ABV this will give me and if it is going to be decent tasting. I am going to be adding the following:

1 can coopers 1.7kg IPA
2.2 Lbs light DME
300g Dextrose
1 oz Cascade (hop tea boiled for 15 mins)
1 pack of Nottingham ale yeast (11g)
19-20L water

I am looking for an ABV in between %5.3-6.5 so if this won’t do it and you have any suggestions please feel free to do so. I also have more dextrose I can add if needed and can pick up some more DME but would rather not. Also if anyone knows of a calculator or formula to figure out the ABV of a coopers kit by how much Dextrose and DME you use it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

You can download a number of different recipe calculators. Some are free, other cost buy have trail periods after which some ‘advanced’ functions are disabled. BeerTools, ProMash, BeerSmith, Strangebrew, Qbrew, a number of spread sheets individuals have made… also has an online calculator.

Looks like you are just under 5%. Double your dextrose and you are close to 5.5%

The Cooper kit doesn’t like what the ABV is?

BeerSmith says you’ll get 5.5% at 5 gallons.

I’ve never used a hop tea, largely because of the many comments I’ve read about the hops not isomerizing in the absence of sugars. Boil the hops with the wort produced by the Coopers extract, then add the DME and sugar a couple of minutes before flame-out.

+1 to not making a hop tea - it will ruin the beer if you boil the hops in water and then add.

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