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Cooper Carb drops

Okay so a 5 gallon batch of honey weizen ruined because on the package of drops it does say 1 drop per stubbie’2 per long neck ( not 12oz 22oz). So draw your own conclusions as to what happened with this one. But it does specify in the catalog to use 1 per 12oz 2 per 22oz.

This is like my 12th batch or so first one that is almost undrikable as it has an off sweet flavor I am suprised no bottles blew up.

I’ve used Coopers carbonation drops occasionally for many years and have never had anything but success. I would guess any off flavor/sweetness is something else. Does it seem over carbonated. Does it foam like crazy when you open the bottle? Infected brews will often react this way. :cheers:

Yes foam is out of control I do still think it is over carbed because further investigating I see that suggests using 1 drop per 12oz bottle 2 per 22oz bottle. And I did use 2 per 12oz but on the bag of drops I would swear it says 1 drop for stubbie 2 for longnecks anyone got a pack on hand maybe can share pack labeling and instructions anyways got a few stubbies that have 1 drop to see if its different.

Yep. You’re right about it saying 2 per long neck but it also specifies that a long neck is 750ml. That’s about 25 ozs. I sure wish the US would go to metric so we wouldn’t be the only people in the world with this silly system of measurement. An easy mistake to make though if you didn’t catch the parenthesis. :cheers:

FYI - Cooper is from Australia. The Aussie’s use of “stubbie” and “longneck” is different than how we use it in the US. Had me confused too, until I saw the volumes listed next to them.

yup! Made that mistake too!

A glimmer of hope as I have drank 2 bottle tonight and the flavor is really close compared to our first honey wiezen. The amount of residual yeast in the bottom of these bottles is either alot (good beer) not very much (off sweet flavors). wondering mabey my fermentation may have been to long in secondary 12 days add in overcarb dropping caused this? of well crack everyone drink it if your able live to brew another day.

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