Cooling Wort with Whirlpool?

I currently use an immersion chiller in my converted keg. I got interested in an article where a guy whirlpooled his hot wort with a pump drawing from the spigot and recirculating to an arm with an angle to it inside the chiller (about half way down) to produce the whirlpool. He claimed plate type chiller time results. I don’t have a recirculation pump but was wondering if anyone has designed a device to do the same w/o a pump. I envision something with paddles (or a 5-gal paint mixer) attached to a slow speed motor (so as not to aerate). While I chill the wort I mix it once in a while but I’m talking about a constant stirring to enhance chilling .


You could use a wine-degassing wand at very low speeds to create the whirlpool. Before I got a pump, I just stirred with a paddle or held onto the IC with a towel and swirled it around.