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Cooler size for batch mash system

I’m building my system this week to go AG. Going to go batch. I read all the stuff I can find but have a question or two. I have a 70 quart cooler sitting unused. Is it too large? I keep seeing around a 48 quart but as I said this one is here new and unutilized. Will it work. Will it function worse better or the same.
Other question. I assume I need stainless braid. Any hints where to find it?


Went back and reread so I figured out where to get the hose and it just seems that the 70 quarts should work but…

70qt will work, but you might have some heat loss.
You can pick up the SS braid at your local home improvement store in the plumbing section.

I brew 5-gal batches in my 52q Igloo Ice Cube and I see a much larger heat loss than when I brew with it full. I am considering moving to 10 gal batches just to make the heat drop less.

I wish I had a smaller cooler.

Just make 10g batches if you’re able to.

Same here. I did a fairly low-gravity 5-gallon batch in a 50 qt. and I fought with the strike water enough to be irritated, despite pre-heating the cooler, and I lost a good five degrees over the hour. Rather than grab another cooler, though, it’s become my motivation to make a HERMS coil and take advantage of my pump.

+1 on all the comments on size of tun vs size of contents.

Beware that not all braided hose is SS but rather most are plastic and some are SS but super fine wire that collapses easy. Wonder how I know… I finally gave up on the braid while for many others it works great for them.


((Stuck this in the wrong thread by accident so I just coied it over to here))

OOOOK. So I just went to this site( ).

Considering that for a 5 (the wort volumn added not the container) gallon fermentor (the size most of us have) that you are rarely going to exceed 15 or mayyyybe 20 lbs o’ malt. The liquid volumn calculated for 15 lbs is 5.89 (23.6 quarts) gallons and for 20 lbs is still only 7.85 gallons (31.4 Quarts).

It seems that somewhere in the 40-50 quart range (10 -12.25 gal) is the ideal happy medium. seems closer to 40 if you can find it is better for heat retention. I started looking for coolers at the wrong time of year. Apparently Walstink thinks they are seasonal.


[quote=“Vulkin’”]Apparently Walstink thinks they are seasonal.[/quote]Check Academy Sports - friend of mine just got a 48-qt green Igloo that’s super-easy to convert (the drain is just a plug, so a hose will fit through the opening).

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