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Cooler Mash Tun and BPA

I use a typical Coleman rolling style cooler as my mash tun. Should I be concerned of leaching BPA into my wort? I don’t recall ever seeing these coolers advertised as BPA free and I’m sure that a mash tun is not the intended purpose of the cooler. I have only made 4 all-grain batches in it. Not even sure if the Rubbermaid water coolers are BPA free.

According to this Igloo FAQ, the interiors of their coolers are made from “FDA-grade polypropylene” -

According to this Standford University news article on BPA, polypropylene and polyethylene do not contain BPA: … 43008.html

I couldn’t find a similar FAQ for Coleman, but I bet if you call customer service you can find out what plastics their coolers are made from.

I think every cooler I know of is made from HDPE and does not contain BPA.

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