Cool thing happened while brewing

I brew outside, so as the seasons change and the conditions do as well, there can sometimes be things that happen and make you say "cool!’. I was brewing yesterday and in the early afternoon I decided to have a beer. It was a harpoon IPA, not a homebrew… I poured it into a Guinness glass and placed it on the table. The sun and shadows set up a cool effect. Thre was shadow in front of the glass. The sun was hitting the glass in such a way as to project the shadow of the Guinness logo onto the table in the small shaded space. All around that was the in motion shadows of all of the bubbles coming up through the beer. It was just very nifty, . Unfortunately there was not enough contrast for my phone to be able to take any video that shows it happening. But it was a magical effect.

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At least you got to see it, right? One of those you had to be there moments.

It was a sign from Gambinus! He showed you his love for beer! Brew strong and often! Sneezles61