Cool temps and airlocks

I’m brewing a simple ale. Safeale 05 yeast

On previous batches I had temp control issues during hot weather so I’ve gone all out in keeping temps down. Good immersion chiller, very effective swamp cooler. I’ve noticed that fermentation starts slower now but continues longer. I keep the temps around 58-62 (thermometer tape on fermenter) until the krausen falls then allow it to go to low 70’s.

This batch behaved as usual. No activity for 24 hours then a nice krausen head by 36 hours. Only glitch is no airlock bubbles. Is it temp related or is the big mouth bubbler lid leaking? This is my second batch using the bubbler and it may be my last.

Should I:
do nothing?
unscrew lid and screw it on again?
wrap sanitizer soaked towel around lid?
rack to a glass carboy? now or after active fermentation?

My initial reaction is “don’t mess with it” but possibly rack to carboy in a week or two.

Lots of folks say the lids don’t seal. No big deal. Bubbles are the least important sign of fermentation. I would just let it roll.

I don’t want to open the secondary debate, but I will say if you usually rack into a secondary for clearing, do it at your normal pace. Don’t feel the need to rack to a glass carboy because you don’t see bubbles. Your beer should be fine without needing to reseal, or wrap in sanitized towels, or anything of that nature.

thanks for the reply uber

after a little googling I see this is a common problem with the lids

I typically don’t use a secondary fermenter but was considering it here

it just bugs me when stuff doesn’t work properly

Bubbles in the airlock are irrelevant to the production of good beer. Follow your initial gut and “don’t mess with it”. You have krauesen and fermentation so proceed as usual. None of my buckets seal. Never a single bubble in the airlock. If I get curious about fermentation I pop the lid off and take a look.

I’m feeling much better about this

brewing seems to reward a “do it right then don’t mess with it” philosophy