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Cool new trick! anyone try this?

So I live in a house that is small…like 784 sq ft. I am thinking of lining my buckets with trash bags before I stack them to keep the scratching to a minimum. has anyone had luck with this or is this just an idea gone to far after three rye pa’s :slight_smile:

this ^^^^.


I don’t think there’s any downside to what you propose. Of course, I’ve never scratched a bucket by stacking them so I don’t know how necessary it is, either.

On that note, do you guys keep track of which lid goes with which bucket or is it just a free for all?

Just a free for all. this may be working against me now as my last two batches did not have a perfect seal

Free for all. All of mine seem to be sealing great.

i only use one bucket that has a lid for a fermenter. The other bucket is orange and from Home Depot and I just use that for milled grain.

My buckets won’t stack, there’s usually beer in them!

I don’t match buckets to lids, but I do number and track the use of both buckets and lids. That way, if there happens to be an infection issue down the road, I can see which bucket and lid I used.

Thanks Denny! I was thinking of marking ll of mine with a sharpie for this reason. I made your Rye Pa a few moths ago and had it spoil. I used the same bucket to make a Salmon Fly Honey rye clone that I have to now call a Snake River Lambic due to eith the bucket or a wild yeast from outside. I can’t seem to remember wich bucket was the problem one though. live and learn I guess.

best answer of the week!

I dont see how a thin trash bag is going to stop a scratch being made in a bucket

bag not needed

The biggest problem I get from stacking is when they are not thoroughly dried and the mold up. NASTY!

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