Convince me to use an airlock (or not)

I’ve got a couple different kinds of apple cider that I’ve been meaning to ferment in the glass jugs they came in.

Today, I managed to walk out of the LHBS with yeast, but forgot to grab some appropriately sized bungs. :oops:

So I’m thinking of just slapping some sanitized tin foil over the necks of the bottles instead of using airlocks.

All are invited to tell me that I’m about to commit some horrible atrocity against all that is precious to Dinoysus, Silenus and St. Arnold. Or better yet, tell me I’m a genius. Either way, I’ll appreciate the advice!

you can use party balloons, or rubber band a latex glove on top. my grandparents used to use foil & balloons with no problems for their beer.

I’ve made cider with an air lock and no yeast. :shock:

Just do what is needed to keep any critters out and you will be fine.

You’ll be fine with just foil.

How long are planning on going without an airlock?

Until bottling day.

Until bottling day.[/quote]
I would not recommend going without an airlock after active fermentation has subsided.

My hope was that as long as I don’t disturb it, the CO2 from fermentation would keep the oxygen out, and bugs wouldn’t be likely to get around the foil.

Am I inviting serious risk of ruination, or is it just that it’s less than optimal? If it’s only a small risk that’s fine; the cost of losing a gallon of this cider isn’t too far off from what I’d spend on gas for a special trip to buy bungs.

I’d personally say better safe than sorry.

After fermentation is done, put a rubber band over the foil or plastic cover. This should be fine for several weeks until you A: bottle it or B: make a trip to the store for a rubber stopper.

It’s true that CO2 will sit on top of beer, but it will gradually be replaced by air through diffusion between the gasses.

Well, I ended up waiting long enough that my brother was able to pick up a couple stoppers for me on an ingredients run of his own. Airlocks, ho!

Thanks for the advice, y’all!

I agree with the guy said: tin foil wrapped over the top and tied down with rubber band. I also agree with the dude who said: replace it with airlock if it’s gonna sit much past active-ferm time.

sidenote: use a lighter to torch the container’s neck and the bottom of the tin foil, to kill sneaky bugs.

The reason I would goto a watervalve after primary ferm is NOT due to contamination issues. It is due to the fact that the CO2 blanket you’re counting on to protect your beer from O2 is gonna gradually dissipate and be replaced with O2.