Converting recipes to BIAB

There are lots of recipes available for standard sparging methods that sound interesting to try.

To convert them to BIAB, I’ve read you should boost your grain bill by 20%. Should you also increase your specialty grains and hops by 20% each?

I can find BIAB calculators for the amount of water to add to your brew pot that make since to me, but one of the calculators from an Australian BIAB site is quite confusing.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Here is a calculator I found

. I haven’t used it as I have Beersmith2 now. As for grain bill I use the same that comes in the 5 gallon AG kit. I just mash a little longer and do a second crush of the grains to increase efficiency.

If you sparge the bag by dunking in warm water or pouring warm water over the top, then there should be no need to increase grains. That’s what I do and what I recommend – rinse your grains and don’t lose any efficiency.

If you turn your BIAB into a no-sparge scenario, then you’ll need a little extra grain, but it shouldn’t be a lot, just like 15%. You shouldn’t need any more than that. You can do this across the board, or just the base malt – it’s totally up to you and honestly won’t make much difference either way. Without having to sparge at all, you can crush the grains harder, which can kick your efficiency right back up where it might have been with the good old cooler sparge method.