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Converting Recipes from all grain to extract

Very new to brewing here, just got my first batch of Irish red into my carboy on tuesday. Im sure its simplier than i have made it, but im looking for adivce on how to change a brew recipe from all grain to extract and how to figure out the amounts of LME and steeping grains. :cheers:

There are seveal programs on the market that can do this , BeerSmith, brew toad, brew pal…

Check out this forum

A couple programs not listed, Qbrew (free), StrangeBrew, BeerTools. has an online calculator.

If the program doesn’t have a “convert” function, maybe it’s disabled after the trial period, all you have to do is note the OG of the recipe, remove the base grains, and add enough LME/DME to get back to the OG.

Here is an overview of grains that need to be mashed (base grains) and grains that don’t (specialty grains).

steeping grains usually stay the same as specialty grains and then you just replace basemalts with LME or DME to get your gravity. Programs will do it for you but you can figure it out yourself to

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