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Converting amber malt syrup into grain for partial mash

I can’t find a clear source to explain this so I’m posting it here. I hope the All-grain board is the correct place, given that this is for a Partial Mash batch.

I am attempting my first partial mash brew and wanted to start simple with an American Amber Ale.

I started by looking up NB’s extract kit (they don’t have a partial mash kit) and looking at the ingredients:

SPECIALTY GRAIN - 1 lb. Briess Caramel 20
FERMENTABLES - 6.3 lbs. Amber Malt Syrup

So what portion of the 6.3 lbs of syrup do I replace with more Briess Caramel 20, and how do I convert that amount to grain? Any help would be appreciated greatly.

Thank you.

NB Amber Malt Syrup is made from pale malt, munich malt, & caramel 60L.

I do not know the ratio though. A call to the NB might answer that.

I would actually look up the all grain recipe. Get all the specialty grains together. Then add as much base malt as you can mash. Take the rest of the base malt left over (the amount you can’t fit in your mash) and substitute light DME. Multiply the left over base malt by .67 to get the amount of DME you need.

I’m going to assume you can only mash 5lbs of grain just as an example.

Orig recipe:
6.5lbs 2-Row
2lbs Munich
1lb C60

Your recipe:
2lbs Munich
1lb C60
2lbs 2-row
3lbs Light DME

5lbs of grain you can mash (just an example)
6.5lbs 2-Row in orig recipe - 2lbs that you can mash after accounting for the specialty grains. 6.5-2=4.5lbs of base malt left over. 4.5x.67=3lbs of DME needed.

When subbing for base malt, multiply the amount your subbing for by
.67 for DME
.75 for LME

This is how I built all my partial mash recipes while I was partial mashing.
Hope I could help you out.

@ dobe12 - Very helpful. That is exactly the information I was looking for. I’m going to follow your recipe suggestion exactly. It makes more sense to me to scale down from the all grain instead of scaling up from the extract. Thank you.

@ gregscu - Thanks for the suggestion. Northern Brewer is awesome. I called the 1-800 number and got a great answer right away. They said to replace 1 3 lb. jug of Malt Syrup with 3-3.5 lbs. of Rahr 2-Row Pale malt. Combine this with the 1 lb. of Briess Caramel 20 and mash for 30-60 minutes at 150f - 153f. Sparge with 1-2 gallons of H2O.

The whole recipe is only 9.5lbs. That’s a pretty small grist. You may even be able to get away with mashing the whole thing if you have a big enough pot and grain sack. You could mash with somewhere between 3 & 3.5gal of water. Sparge with 1.5 to 2gals. Combine the two. Boil and then top off to 5 gallons. Then you can say you did your first all grain!


Hope you have a good brew day!

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