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Convert 5 gal to 1 gal recipe

New to the club, I have brewed 1 gallon Extract beers so far from NB starter kit. My brother gave me 2 - 5 gallon Extract kits. Can I use these recipe kit and great it down to 1 gallon kit. I have Belgian Ale and Bavarian Hefeweizen. Please tell me its not as simple as divide by 5 and there you go?

Thanks all.

You need to divide by 10 then multiply that by 2 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yes divide by 5


Yes, just divide by 5, or get more complicated to achieve the same result.

You will need an accurate scale to weigh the ingredients. Have some warm water on hand to rinse the container LME is measured in to. You don’t want to lose any. Breaking down the hops will be the most difficult. Vacuum seal and freeze the remaining hops to keep them as fresh as possible till they are used.

Perfect thank you. Didn’t want these to got waste I will upgrade once I have brews under my belt.

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Or just go to Homedepot and get a 5 gallon bottle of water and convert that to a fermentor then wash it out and return for another one.

Very smart

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