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Conversion of 3 gal BIAB to 5 gal batch sparge

I would like to attempt the NB Oatmeal cookie Brown Ale below are the recipes for the BIAB and my Beersmith solution.
5.5 lbs. Fawcett optic pale malt.
1lb. flaked oats
1lb. Belgian Munich Malt
1lb. Special B
.5lb. Brown malt
.33 Fawcett Pale Chocolate
1oz. OK Brambling Cross 60 min.
1oz. Celia 10 min.
1 cinnamon stick end of boil.
1.066 OG Wyeast 1945 Neo Brit.

My conversion:
8.8 lbs. Fawcett Optic Pale Malt
1.5 lbs Munich Malt
1.5 lbs. Toasted flaked oats
1.5 lbs. Special B malt
8 oz. Brown malt
4 oz. Chocolate malt
1 oz. OK Brambling cross 60
1 oz. Celia 10 MIN.
.6 oz Brewers Gold Leaf 10 min.
1 cinnmon stick end of boil
1.066 calculated Wyeast 1945 Neo Brit.
I figured the hops needed to be bumped due to the higher volume so I wanted to add some of my own.

That looks like it will make a nice beer. I noticed that you didn’t scale the brown malt, and the chocolate you scales down and switched away from the light. Also the hops it looks like you made up the IBUs with additional hops at 10 minutes and none at 60. It might be a little lighter on flavor and maybe taste maybe little sweeter, but good none the less.

When I scaled it with a factor of 1.66 my software gave me a black, higher OG than I wanted, hoppy beer. I fiddled around with the grain bill to get something a little lighter and a lower OG. 1.066 vs. 1.072. the late addition of the hop was to get a little more of the hop aroma without overwhelming the malt flavors. Like I’ve said I know just enough to be dangerous, or really stupid depending on how you look at it.

Try using pale chocolate instead of chocolate (200L vs 400L). The amounts should scale linearly depending on the change in volume and the efficiency.

One of the problems I’ve been having with beersmith is not having the same malts that NB has so SWAG(Scientific Wild A$$ guess) and I don’t know how or what to substitute with I encounter that.

You should be able to edit the malt table to either change the L value of the chocolate to match pale chocolate or to add pale chocolate to the list.

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