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Controlling FG

Edit: I originally had OG. edited to FG after my mistake was pointed out…

My last few batches (AG) have attenuated like crazy. I know my last batch was because I mashed at a low temperature. The FG came in way lower than I would have expected. I’m calling my American wheat, a high alcohol water. It is light!!

How do you folks control you FG on the fermentation side? I don’t want to get into all the higher mash temps, pH, blah blah. I’m asking, you are monitoring your FG and it gets to where you want it! What do you do? Do you crash it? Do you rack to a secondary to get it off the active yeast cake? do you just let it go u til it stops, which may be lower than you want?

I want to make sure I leave the beer to condition enough to clean up the “bad” stuff. But I’d also like to have some better control of my FG.


Just to be clear, we’re talking about FG, right?

First thing to do is calibrate your thermometer. Fermentability is set in the mash, not the fermenter. Crashing out the yeast before reaching FG is a recipe for off-flavors and stability issues.

Oh crap, yes…FG…ugh.

Your points are my concern.

My thermometers (i use 2, 1 alcohol and 1 digital) are calibrated and in most cases I hit my temps pretty well. That’s consistent. But I’m seeing some attenuation in the 85% and even 90% in the last 2 batches.

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