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A Belgian Saison in secondary 2 weeks ready to bottle. There’s some foamy stuff on top and around the rim of the carboy. I don’t think it’s contaminated but wanted other opinions.

Looks acceptable to me. I would do a smell test at bottling time. If it smells bad then I would do a taste test.
I have only had to dump one batch. I have had several batches make it to the taste test because the smell was odd.
What yeast did you use?

This is truly infected but purposely so with Wyeast 3278 Lambic Blend.
This photo would have been a lot more interesting if I had not tripped over a laundry basket while carrying it.
Bubbles in infected beer don’t pop and they have a hazy appearance. Rafts of material seem more solid and not made up of lots of little bubbles like ordinary.
Every infection is different looking. My last lambic was much more interesting than this so I’m nervous in the opposite direction than you. I’m worried it wasn’t infected enough lol.

Thank you. Very helpful!! I used Safale BE-134.

Also when in doubt… Use your wine thief, or turkey baster, well sanitized, and pull out enough to check gravity, and a taste… Sneezles61


Smell and taste check.

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